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Septic Tanks – Treatment Plants


Mouland Plumbing & Drainage Services carry out maintenance, repairs and installation of all makes and types of septic tanks and treatment plants in the new forest and surrounding areas.

We also carry out all types of Soakaway and drainage field replacements for storm water and effluent.
We will always find an efficient solution to all your drainage needs.

Removing foul waste from a property is essential for safety and hygiene, so it makes sense to call in trained professionals for the installation of a treatment plant or septic tank.

What does a waste treatment plant do?

A treatment plant processes waste to a much higher standard than a septic tank installation. Effluence is typically clear, and can be offloaded into a ditch or other watercourse with the prior approval of the Environment Agency.
In general they have few, or no moving parts on the inside, the requirement for maintenance is minimal.

Although standard treatment plants use gravity to force out the effluent, some properties may be angled on a gradient, or in such a way that doesn’t allow for a treatment plant to rely on gravity to extract waste. In such cases a treatment plant with a pumping system will be required.

Where on your property will the treatment plant be installed?

As always, this depends largely on the layout of the property. Building Regulations from the Environment Agency state that for inhabited parts of a building, treatment plants should be built between seven and 10 metres away from the building however, we will be able to give advice on which area is the most suitable for installations.

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Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants

Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants

Septic Tanks & Treatment Plants

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